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Photodynamic Therapy-ICG Liposome

Fukuoka Tenjin Cancer Clinic


◎About photodynamic therapy-ICG Liposome

​ Photodynamic therapy is the use of antibodies and near-infrared radiation to treat cancer. After the drug containing the antibody is administered, the antibody will bind to the specific cancer cells and destroy the cancer cells through near-infrared radiation.


The medicine injected into the body will react with near-infrared rays, destroy the cancer cell membrane and after the cancer cell membrane is destroyed, the immune cells near ​ will respond to the released antigen and record Its characteristic is to treat cancer cells that have not been irradiated as foreign bodies and attack them.


Near-infrared irradiation methods can be divided into two types: external irradiation and internal irradiation.

  1. External irradiation directly irradiates the affected part, and the deepest can reach about 20mm~25mm.

  2. ​Internal irradiation is done by intravenous injection. Special optical fibers are inserted into blood vessels to stimulate stem cells through blood circulation.


◎The main role of near-infrared rays

​Use near-infrared rays to irradiate, causing the antibodies adsorbed on cancer cells to produce a chemical reaction and destroy the cancer cell membrane. The so-called near-infrared rays are actually similar to the light used on TV remote controls, and unlike visible light, there is no harm to the human body even if it is directly irradiated.


◎Treatment process

The day before the irradiation, the photosensitive compound is injected (it takes 30 minutes), and the next day, the near-infrared ray is irradiated (it takes 1 hour), and it can be adjusted according to the time of stay in Japan.

◎Actual photos


Using the MLDS device, a system that can be used in veins, interstitial and intra-articular.

​◎Clinic introduction

Located in the center of Fukuoka - Tenjin. Close to the subway Akasaka station, the transportation is convenient. Provide detailed medical services that are difficult to achieve in large medical institutions.


​◎ Clinic facility

The clinic has dispensing rooms, treatment rooms and consultation rooms that provide photodynamic therapy compounds, which are completely private rooms.Pay attention to protecting your privacy, the medical environment is comfortable and bright, and the staff is friendly, so that patients can receive treatment with peace of mind.


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