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Activated Lymphocyte Therapy

​ Fukuoka Cancer General Clinic

Activated lymphocyte therapy is to extract immune cells from the patient's body and then infuse them back into the patient's body. Lymphocytes contain immune cells such as T cells, NK cells, and B cells. After extraction, the cells will be damaged to ensure death during transportation. Therefore, it is different from other medical institutions that adopt the concept of a central kitchen. The hospital has a pass The CPC (Cell Laboratory) certified by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare can immediately culture within a few minutes to ensure the quality of the cells.

The blood collection at this hospital is also different from other hospitals. Apheresis (component blood collection) is used. After the blood is guided out, only the immune cells in it are taken out, and the rest of the unnecessary plasma, red blood cells, etc. are returned to the body. Take enough materials to reduce the burden on patients. The extraction takes about two hours, and the hospital has a comfortable environment for patients to rest.

The Fukuoka Cancer General Clinic and the medical assistant have grown up together. At the beginning, they were at a loss in the face of overseas patients, but now they support each other and provide cutting-edge medical technology to patients in the Chinese-speaking circle. The founder of the medical assistant has also cooperated with Dr. Morisaki of the hospital many times. Accepting exclusive interviews with media from Taiwan and Japan, and sharing the current situation of overseas patients going to Japan for medical treatment.

Media Interview Introduction

Taiwan Zhongtian Survey Report Interview 2015/4
Fukuoka Economic Magazine Interview 2017/2

Clinic introduction

Applicable affected areas: head and neck, lungs, digestive organs, female genitals, urinary organs, melanoma, lymphoma, etc.


Immune cell therapy: NK, activated lymphocytes, peptide vaccine, dendritic cells.


About injection information: According to the website of the clinic, blood is drawn after the first evaluation of the patient’s physical condition. After 7-14 days of culture (depending on the treatment), injections are given every two to three weeks, and at the latest It should be completed within half a year. Fees and treatments for Japanese patients (denominated in Japanese Yen)

1. Activated lymphocyte therapy ¥200,000/time

2. Dendritic cell vaccine therapy ¥210,000/time

3. Therapy of stimulating lymphocytes with dendritic cell vaccine ¥200,000/time

4. Dendritic cells + streptolyticus + NK cell therapy ¥210,000/time

5. Therapy for activating lymphocytes with dendritic cells ¥210,000/time

6. Activated NK cell therapy ¥190,000/time

7. γδ T lymphocyte therapy ¥200,000/time

​ This charge is for reference only

If a course of treatment is used for six injections, the cost for Japanese patients is about ¥1.5-1.8 million (approximately NT$250,000 at an exchange rate of 0.25), plus blood testing and routine blood tests. , separate storage, diagnosis and treatment fees and other expenses. If genetic testing and neoantigen specialization are required, additional fees will be incurred.

Note: According to the regulations of the clinic, patients must prepay half of the injection fee as a deposit. For example, if the activated lymphocytes are ¥200,000 each time, you will need to pay ¥100,000 when the blood is drawn, and the balance will be paid at the next injection. And this price is the price without consumption tax! If you decide to receive treatment for the first visit, you will need to pay fees such as extraction and separation, so the first-time fee will be higher. As for how much you need to charge, it depends on the type of treatment you receive and the related training fees.

Clinic address


Fukuoka Prefecture1−1 Sumiyoshi 3-chome, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City

Comments from medical assistants: According to Dr. Morisaki, he has continued education and research. The technical team cultivated by the hospital itself, coupled with the relationship with Kyushu University, has maintained a very good relationship with Kyushu University Hospital. Regular visits by professors from Kyushu University Hospital.

Treatment process in Japan

01 online consultation


​ Conduct initial consultation with medical consultants through LINE, WeChat, Emal or telephone, submit cases, and confirm the intention to see a doctor.

02signing agreement


Sign with the medical assistant who goes to JapanSet up a service agreement.

03translation case


Organize Chinese medical records and write Japanese referral medical records.

04 Confirmed by the hospital

After submitting the materials to the hospital, it will be evaluated whether it can be accepted, but it may be rejected as the disease progresses.

05Visa processing


​ If the period of medical treatment is relatively short, Taiwanese can use tourist visa for medical treatment. If the treatment period is longer, the medical visa application can be carried out by a medical assistant.

06Travel arrangements


​ Determining the date, pre-trip guidance, flight confirmation, and accommodation arrangements.

07Going abroad for treatment


​Professional overseas medical consultants will accompany you throughout the process, and provide 24-hour emergency telephone contact support services.

08Follow up after returning home


​Regular telephone return visits to provide the latest information for free.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us through any of the methods below.

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