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891(Help seek medical treatment) Project

Usually when I feel uncomfortable overseas, I want to see a doctor but suffer from being unable to communicate. A friend told the medical assistant that if there is a convenient tool for overseas medical treatment, how good would it be? Problems always have to be solved, so the mobilization of medical assistants launched this project, 891 (taken from the homonym of helping to see a doctor), to assist various plans for overseas medical treatment. Sort out the vocabulary and commonly used words and phrases that are used to assist immunotherapy these days. Currently developing overseas medical service tools (e-book, app), the goal is to develop a tool that allows patients and doctors to fully grasp each other's conditions by holding an electronic device when seeing a doctor. We need your help, welcome to join us and make this project come true together! At present, medical assistants sort out the following categories and provide non-profit use. If you have any unclear place, welcome to contact us by phone or letter.


​Medical institutions in each area of Fukuoka Prefecture

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