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forShingitoyo Co., of the services

The purpose of the establishment: to build an open and transparent support system for medical treatment in Japan that allows patients to feel at ease.
Reasons for establishment: In 2014, the founder, Karma, undertook a medical translation to assist Taiwanese patients to go to Japan to undergo clinical trials in Japan. After that, Taiwanese cancer patients continued to consult how to go to Japan for treatment. Only then did I realize that there was a lack of medical information between Taiwan and Japan, and the unequal information would burden patients mentally and make it difficult for them to go to Japan for medical treatment. Therefore, I began to write a medical information blog and established a "Medical Assistant" service, hoping to It can allow Taiwanese patients to have more choices in treatment.

Shingihou Co., Ltd., Ltd.

Our company is 27th July にFukuokaで创业いたしました.社の歴史は单いですが, "新义豊"の名は古く, about 100 years ago during the Japanese rule era, ni private の grandfather が Taiwan の Yilan で経営していた Migudian からきています. Grandfather is "innovation", "giri" and "rich wealth"のfaithをって経営にあたることをbeliefとしておりました.その后爸父はThe period of turmoil in Taiwan after the warに志を曲げることを洁しとせず, career をend えることとなりました.时代と国は进えど私もGrandfatherと同じbeliefのもとに経営にNUめてまいりたいと思っています.
The company was established in July 2015. Although it has been established for a short time, the name Xinyifeng originated from the rice shop run by the grandfather of the founder Lin Jiquan in Yilan 100 years ago in Japan. However, the situation was turbulent after the war. My grandfather still insisted on the concepts of "innovation", "giri" and "abundance". He couldn't adapt to the current situation at that time and his business was difficult, so he went out of business as a last resort. Although it has passed through different eras and countries, the founder upheld the same belief as his grandfather and named the Japanese firm Shingitoyo Co., Ltd., and moved towards this goal with his partners.

member introduction

Lin Jiquan, Founder of Medical Assistant

      _cc781905-5cde-319 4-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Went to Japan to study for a master’s degree, and served in Japanese business enterprises, travel Over the years, during the life journey of experiencing the most beloved grandmother suffering from cancer, and accompanying her grandmother to fight cancer for more than ten years, he deeply realized that the torture suffered by cancer patients is not only physical pain, but also spiritual loss. Worries and family worries, even heavy financial pressure, the prospect of recovery is nowhere in sight, how this unpredictable future easily destroys the dignity of the patient as a person and the stability of the life of the entire family member At the same time, I also witnessed that the grandmother at the end of cancer, after regaining hope, broke through the doctor's announcement with firm willpower that she had only half a year to live, and enjoyed the blessing of 15 years of stable illness and family happiness.

Afterwards, by chance, I assisted Taiwanese patients to go to Japan for medical treatment, took care of the patients' daily life, stayed by the side, and was on call around the clock, and was familiar with the relevant application procedures. Through experience, I can feel the anxiety of family members more personally. It is found that the unequal medical information of patients in Japan has caused unnecessary waste of time and money. It is hoped that the openness and transparency of information can change this situation and invest in this industry.

team member
S. Hayashi
TJ Tsou
Dr. Wang
Taiwan Physician Consultant
Lin Jidong, Director of Renhe Clinic

National Defense Medical College 

Experience: Naval Hospital, Yadong Memorial Hospital, currently the director of Renhe Clinic.

Address: No. 259, Section 3, Zhongshan Road, Luodong Township, Yilan County

Tel: 039-540-168

​Medical Assistant Japanese Expert Physician Advisory Group
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