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Immune Cell BAK Therapy

Akasaka AA Clinic

What are the characteristics of Cell Therapy BAK?

Different ways to recognize cancer cells
​BAK therapy activates positive CD56 cells, which are different from dendritic cells and CTL cells, and also attack cancer cells other than HLA-I.
Possess the technology to proliferate to 10 billion immune cells
​ was cultured with serum-free AlyS-BAK medium. Compared with other mediums, it has excellent ability to cultivate immune cells and can proliferate to 10 billion. In addition, there is no human or animal serum added to AlyS-BAK, so it can avoid the mixing of viruses or other germs, and it is a very safe culture medium.
Possess the patent of ​ powerful activation technology
BAK therapy has a patent for activating lymphocytes that attack cancer cells. Use can strengthen immune cells and activate INFα and IL-2, so that the cell attack power is enhanced.

​Differences between BAK therapy and other immune cell therapies

BAK therapy
CTL therapy
 dendritic cell therapy
CTL therapy and dendritic cell therapy use killer T cells to attack cancer cells, but they cannot attack cancer cells that do not have HLA-I. In contrast, BAK therapy mainly allows the proliferation of positive CD56 cells, which can attack cancer cells that cannot be attacked by CTL therapy and dendritic cell therapy to exert curative effect.
 NK cell therapy
γδT cell therapy
NK cell therapy is the same as γδT cell therapy and BAK therapy, both targeting positive CD56 cell proliferation. The difference is that fewer immune cells are proliferated and only a single cell is cultured. Under the optimal culture technology of BAK therapy, in addition to the number of NK cells and γδT cells, it also includes killer T cells and helper T cells. Therefore, it can attack cancer cells in many ways, and it is expected to have better curative effect.

Introduction of Akasaka AA clinics that can provide BAK therapy​

Dean's introduction



Honorary Professor of Dokkyup Medical University
Director of International Society for Individualized Medicine/ Director of Infusion Therapy Research Association
Specialist in drip therapy /Certified doctor of Japan Association of Clinical Anti-aging Medicine
President of the Japan Ozone Nitrogen Therapy Association / Specialist in High Concentration Vitamin C Therapy

Clinic address and appearance

Located in Akasaka, a high-end area in Tokyo’s Minato District, the hospital is owned from the third floor to the seventh floor. There are various departments such as oncology, dermatology, and internal medicine. Various treatments can be provided here for different symptoms of patients. Opposite is TV TOKYO, the nearby atmosphere is quiet, it is a good place to relax and relax.
Tokyo Port k Akasaka 3-13-10 Shin Akasaka Building

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