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The preventive medicine center is located on the 6th floor of the hospital, which is the exclusive floor for physical examination. In order to provide the best medical services, in addition to general medical equipment, the latest high-level imaging diagnostic equipment has also been introduced.

We attach great importance to every patient receiving physical examination services smoothly, so all examination rooms are concentrated on the same floor, and all physical examination items can be completed without moving to another floor. We also provide women-only areas for gynecological examinations. Protect the privacy of every female patient.

​ health check package

One-day basic physical examination


One-day physical examination

In order to detect cancer and stroke at an early stage, the two-day standard package has been expanded to include head MRI/MRA examination, colon endoscopy, thyroid/heart/carotid ultrasound, and tumor markers (CYFRA, ProGRP).

Two-day physical examination

In order to detect cancer and stroke early, the two-day standard package includes head MRI/MRA examination, colon endoscopy, thyroid/heart/carotid artery ultrasound, tumor markers (CYFRA, ProGRP), etc. of packages.


Health Check Application Process


Get the necessary information

urine collection

Questionnaire record


Questionnaire and blood collection


Examination and Health Consultation

result report


​ day of inspection

exclusive floor

There is a dedicated floor for the comprehensive health checkup, where you can see the sea view of Hakata Bay, and it is completely isolated from the outpatient department, allowing you to relax and take the health checkup in a comfortable and elegant environment.


Based on your examination results, professional medical personnel such as doctors and health nurses will provide appropriate advice for your health.

​advanced technology

MRI has 3.0 Tesla equipment, which is the highest level of imaging equipment in Japan, and can relatively more accurately detect tiny arterial tumors below 1mm in blood vessels. (1.5 Tesla MRI is mainly used for comprehensive health check)


Precautions for health check

・Need to have enough sleep

・No food or water after 9:00 p.m. the night before the physical examination

・Do not eat breakfast on the day of the medical examination

​・Those who are currently pregnant or may be pregnant cannot have a medical examination

・Avoid physical examination during menstrual period

・Women who are breastfeeding need to postpone or suspend a part, please inform in advance

If you need to arrange services such as transfers or tour planning, please let us know in particular.

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Address: 814-0001 Momochihama 3-6-45, Sara-ku, Fukuoka City

Telephone: +8192-407-1133

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If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time through the company phone, WeChat official account or email.

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