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Medical cosmetology

Newborn Clinic

​◎Medical beauty Injection・Drip

The hospital's medical beauty injections and drips can help slow down skin aging, increase skin elasticity and activate to achieve the effect of beautifying and beautifying skin, and are also very effective in recovering from fatigue. Vitamins are very important ingredients for the nutrition of the body and skin. Since it is difficult to take them effectively, it can accurately supplement the vitamins that are easily lacking in daily life, improve the body condition and maintain healthy skin. Since it is injected directly into the body, the vitamins are quickly absorbed by the body and achieve their effects quickly.


​◎Facial care・Medical hair removal

Targeting skin problems such as acne, dark spots or fine lines and wrinkles on the face, it can provide precise, gentle and effective facial care to make the skin healthier and younger. In addition, there are two types of medical hair removal equipment in the hospital: thermal destruction type and heat storage type, each has its own characteristics, and can achieve effective hair removal effects. best solution needed.


​◎Anti-aging therapy

Many elements in life can easily affect cell function, thereby causing cell damage and accelerating aging, such as drinking and drinking, socializing, physical and mental stress, overweight and obesity, refined diet (processed food), irregular work and rest, hormonal imbalance, chronic inflammation, high oxidative stress and environmental The toxins and microorganisms in the body are the key to affecting the age and appearance of the body, and lead to the occurrence of civilization diseases. Anti-aging therapy should be carried out as early as possible before the aging of organs and tissues. The earlier you start, the more you can maintain your physiological functions at the peak state, and you can still maintain vitality and health even in your 70s and 80s.


​◎Anti-aging・Medical beauty tourism in Kyushu

◎Physician introduction



Certified by the Japanese Society of Surgery

Japan Society of Ultrasound Certified Physician

Japanese Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Certified Physician

Japanese Association of Anti-Aging Medicine Certified Physician

Infusion Therapy Research Association (Certified Physician of High Concentration Vitamin C Infusion Therapy)

Japan Sports Association sports certified doctor

Japan Medical Association Certified Sports Physician

Certified by the Japanese Medical Association

Japanese Society for Antioxidant Therapy

Society for Clinical Hydrogen Therapy Research

Healthcare Product Consultant


Newborn Clinic is located in the beautiful Saga. The clinic can not only provide a good medical beauty environment, the most important thing is to hope that patients can feel that medical treatment is no longer just for curing diseases, but can help the body maintain good functions and provide Give the incoming patients a good health concept, and through the interaction between the clinic and the patients, they can obtain better physical fitness.


No. 5-15, Xinsheng Town, Saga City, Saga Prefecture

◎Clinic address

Our Services

  • TCB東京中央美容外科預約 1.依照您的時間安排向診所預約看診時間,如沒有空位在另行安排。

    1 小時

    10,000 Japanese yen
  • 新生診所八次醫師線上一對一諮詢,提供適合的醫美專業建議。預約時間以八次醫師的門診狀況為主。

    30 分鐘

    22,000 Japanese yen

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