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Cancer Gene Therapy



By combining the "tumor suppressor gene" of the patient's gene, it can fundamentally treat cancer.

Cancer is a disease caused by genetic mutations in cells. The way of gene mutation varies from person to person. For example, even if the patient is also a lung cancer patient, each patient's mutated gene is also different. 

Therefore, at UDX HIRAHATA CLINIC, through oncogene diagnosis, it is possible to comprehensively check the risk of cancer gene mutation.127Expression status of cancer-associated genes.


Cancer treatment is carried out after firmly grasping the genetic mutation status of each patient. Cancer gene therapy (or "tumor suppressor gene therapy"),It is a treatment method that promotes the eradication of cancer and normalization of genes by injecting normal tumor suppressor genes into the body.


​The first step of cancer generation genetic abnormality

human bodyGenes in cells include "oncogenes" that produce cancer cells and "tumor suppressor genes" that suppress cancer cells that have already developed.   In the case of healthy people, the balance of division and inhibition is maintained so that cancer cells do not continue to increase.

However, if the "tumor suppressor gene" is damaged due to factors such as diet, living environment, stress, etc., the balance between division and inhibition is broken, and cells with abnormal genes (cancer cells) will divide and progress endlessly.


◎About Cancer Gene Therapy

Cancer gene therapy is a method of treating cancer by suppressing genes in the body to normalize abnormal genes, and it is suitable for each patient's gene therapy.  

 1Cancer Treatment Without Hospitalization

Treatment takes place in a hospital without hospitalization.

Treatment by way of drip, etc., time approx.2~4hours or so.


 2Gene therapy will make it easier to undo the body's resistance to cancer drugs

Patients who have failed anticancer drugs will be more likely to have anticancer drugs work again after treatment.


◎Early cancer gene detection

Cancer cells arise from abnormalities in genes

The treatment method of HIRAHATA clinic is not to wait for cancer cells to proliferate and then find out. Instead, super early detection is carried out at the stage of "accumulation of genetic abnormalities", Cancer can thus be treated at an earlier time.

Oncogene screening at HIRAHATA Clinic is a test for this "accumulation of genetic abnormalities".

Only need to collect about28ml of blood , you can examine the probability of cancer being present in the gene. When cancer is present in genes, it can also be checked to find out where in the body it is.In addition, it can be inferred that after checking3~5annual cancer incidence.


Detection features:

Cancer screening test is to analyze the DNA concentration/length and methylation of the constituent substances of genes.

Cancer risk will be assessed from an early stage, before a cancer is diagnosed. If 2 or more items of this examination are found to be abnormal from the data, the cancer symptoms are considered more than 95%.

Cancer genetic diagnosis, in addition to the above "cancer screening test", HIRAHATA Clinic127 genetic abnormalities, including mutations in cancer-related genes, were also studied. This allows you to understand the types of cancer that may occur in any part of the body, as well as to confirm whether the cancer has already occurred in the body, so as to prevent it early.

◎Treatment costs​ (The following prices are in Japanese Yen)

Super NK cell therapy ¥337,500/time

Dendritic cell therapy  ¥405,000/time

Tumor suppressor gene vaccine ¥337,500/time

*A course of treatment is expected to have six sessions. Cell therapy and cancer gene therapy can be matched with each other after confirmation by the hospital physician.

*The above prices are for reference only, the detailed costs are subject to the hospital

​◎ Facility

UDX Hira Hata Clinic's "Cancer Gene Diagnosis and Treatment Laboratory" is equipped with a Class 10,000 clean roomAdvanced DNA preparation room and culture room, these facilities are the premise to ensure high safety and high quality.


Physician introduction

Founder's Association of Medical CorporationChairman



Founder's Association of Medical Corporation chairman
Oncogenediagnosis・Health Research Institute Director

A4M "beautyNational Anti-Campaign Society"Certified doctor

Graduated from Toho University School of Medicine in 1974.
After studying in the United States (Researcher at the Department of Hematology-Oncology, East Carolina University School of Medicine, North Carolina, USA), he opened the HIRahata Clinic in Shibuya. In 2008, UDX HIRAHATA Clinic was established in Akihabara, providing professional medical diagnosis and cutting-edge cancer gene therapy.


published book
"がん病伝子 Diagnosis and Treatmentのススメ"
Daily Communiche ションズ version (published in April 2009) 
"身にいいローヤルゼリーの话" (Japanese Excellent Book Certification)
"Doctor Hirahata's latest IDN information"
(Bitamin・Mineralu・Plant Nutrients and Health nitsuite)
"The cause and prevention of すい臓病の修復" (Supusha)
"Adults を 打うアレルギー" (Hamano Publishing)

Hirahata Tetsuyuki

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〒101-0021 Tokyo

4-14-1 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku

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