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​Japanese official regenerative medicine certification service

Since 2015, the medical assistant has assisted Taiwanese patients to go to Japan to receive immunotherapy. The clinical trial plan has started to the present, and has close connections and cooperative relationships with medical hospitals in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka and other places. Due to the most diverse and complete support network, the number of cases served is also one of the best among referral companies in Taiwan. At that time, we were thinking that due to regulations, Taiwan could not provide patients with immune cell therapy outside of clinical trials. We have the technology, but we cannot use it. Therefore, it is thought that if Taiwanese biomedical practitioners can apply for and implement their own technology in Japan, it will be another opportunity for Taiwanese biomedical practitioners and technicians. On the one hand, it is possible to add certification institutions to connect with overseas systems and increase opportunities for future technical exchanges. On the other hand, it can also make this technology be carried out under official legal regulations, reducing the risk of recipients and ensuring the protection of givers. Therefore, starting in 2016, the medical assistant undertook the first Japanese CPC (Cell Process Center) regenerative medicine certification assistance in the Chinese circle, and successfully achieved this goal in 2017, becoming the only successful case (assisting unit: Fuhe Biomedical) . At present, we are assisting the company's expansion in the Japanese market and the contact of cooperative units!
The medical assistant is the first case in the Chinese circle in the Japanese regenerative medicine certification, and it is also the only case to complete this business. We are determined to assist Taiwanese biomedical practitioners to expand into another market, just find a medical assistant!
Note: In October 2017, apart from 3 companies in South Korea that obtained this certification, Taiwan is the only one that has obtained the Japanese CPC certification.
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