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Cooperate with medical institutions

Japan's major medicalorgan


medical assistants haveRegistered number B-066 of Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, for those who need to receive medical treatment in Japan for a long period of time (more than 90 days), a letter of guarantee can be issued for visa application. Some special medical institutions in Japan, such as advanced medical institutions such as proton and heavy ion, need to have this registration number before they can apply. Medical Assistant is the only company in Taiwan that has this name. We have assisted many patients to visit well-known medical institutions such as the Affiliated Hospital of the University of Tokyo Medical Research Institute, Kyushu University Hospital, and Nagoya University.

      _cc781905-5cde-319 4-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_If you intend to go to Japan for health checkup or treatment for other diseases , such as diabetes, hepatitis B or C, just ask a medical assistant!

Alternatives to Clinical Trials

Some patients are unable to participate in clinical trials in teaching hospitals due to special physical conditions, or want to receive immune cell therapy that has passed regenerative medicine regulations. Medical assistants are currently cooperating with a number of immunotherapy specialist clinics to provide you with reference.

1.Platinum Gain Subport Club


Platinum Cancer Support Clinic is a clinic that can use cancer immunotherapy together with standard treatments (such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery), and will combine next-generation sequencing and artificial intelligence (AI) to carry out genetic analysis of tumor tissue. Analysis to identify and manage appropriate medications for each patient and suggest potentially effective therapies, such as disease prevention recommendations and what to follow after standard treatment. The hospital will coordinate and provide comprehensive medical services in all aspects, including cancer rehabilitation combining nutrition therapy and exercise therapy, to provide comprehensive support for cancer patients.

2.Regenerate the Future Club

Regenerative Future is a clinic that can use allogeneic immunity. It also provides T・NK therapy, gene therapy, etc. It has six branches in Kanto and Kansai, Japan. The chief director, Dr. Akiyama, is currently conducting cancer treatment in Tokyo, and Kobe, Osaka. There are branches, so the location is more selective. The characteristic of regenerative medicine is that in addition to T・NK therapy, there are GcMAF activated macrophage therapy using allogeneic immunity, and two gene therapies JG-1 and E10A, which are used to reduce gene abnormalities. The group also conducts academic research with Tokushima University, the Affiliated Hospital of Kobe University School of Medicine, Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine, and Konan University, and continues to publish research results in societies.

3.Fukuoka Ganso Union Club

Fukuoka City is different from Tokyo and Osaka. The biggest feature is that the international airport is located in the urban area. It only takes 15 minutes to reach the urban area from the airport, while it takes at least 30 minutes for Tokyo and Osaka to travel to the urban area by train. In addition, Fukuoka is less than a two-hour flight from Taiwan. There are four direct flights a day from Taoyuan and Kaohsiung respectively. The round-trip air tickets are relatively cheap. At present, the hospital uses activated lymphocytes and peptide vaccines and other immune cell therapies, and the director is also qualified to prescribe chemotherapy and targeted drugs. His philosophy is to provide the best treatment for patients.

4.Tokyo Kansury Club

Dr. Hiroyuki Abe has been engaged in immune cell therapy for many years. According to the information provided by the hospital, in addition to providing the fifth generation of specific immune cell therapy, they also use non-specific NK cells together to increase the effect. The main mechanism of specific immunotherapy is to use the various characteristics on the surface of cancer cells to allow dendritic cell vaccines to be delivered to T cells and activated to become killer T cells to attack cancer cells. In order to distinguish himself from other medical institutions, Dr. Abe has also applied for a number of patents in Taiwan, the United States, Japan, and South Korea to ensure that patients can receive a guaranteed therapy.

5.UDX Hirahata Klinik

    Check all 127 expression states through cancer gene diagnosis, such as mutations of cancer-related genes, properly grasp the genetic variation of each patient, and carry out cancer treatment, The normal tumor suppressor gene is injected into the body, and the characteristic is to treat fundamentally, promote the elimination of cancer and the treatment method of gene normalization. Early detection of cancer can be used to prevent and treat cancer, and can also estimate the risk of various cancers within 3 to 5 years after the examination.

6.Fukuoka せんしんんリック

    Dr. KuramochiObtained the invention patent "manufacturing cells for cancer immunotherapy",   This is the first Japanese patent on the method of manufacturing cells for cancer immunotherapy, obtained in both Japan and Korea patent. The main feature is the use of 5 kinds of compound immunotherapy of the warehouse type, combined with 5 kinds of cells of γδT cells, NK cells, NKT cells, killer T cells, and dendritic cells to activate at the same time, strengthen the attack power against cancer cells, and achieve more High therapeutic effect.

Note: Medical assistants do not intervene in medical behaviors during treatment, and all diagnosis and medical behaviors are evaluated and treated by professional physicians. Therefore, which immunotherapy or effect to use must be diagnosed after consultation with a physician. In addition, unlike other intermediaries, medical assistants do not charge any intermediary fees or cell storage fees. All you have to bear is medical expenses, related accommodation and transportation, application agency fees, the cost of assigning an interpreter when seeing a doctor, and the monthly communication administrative cost of MS. International medical intermediary B-066 registered by the Ministry of Industry, you can refer to the cost details on our platform and estimate according to it. A medical assistant is a service that can be completely tailored to your needs and provide you with exclusive services.

Medical Supporter Medical Assistant

Provide you with the most comprehensive assistance and complete medical information in Japan, so that you can have the most relaxed and unburdened medical treatment environment.

Remarks: In order to make the medical process go smoothly in some private medical institutions in Japan, most of them have designated referral providers, and medical assistants have the registration number B-066 of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. One of the intermediary companies and the only Taiwan company with a registered name. At present, Medical Assistant is also the only service in Taiwan that provides consultation, outpatient consultation, and second advice for major medical institutions, and you are welcome to use it more.

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