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Inquire about the application status of the medical center, application requirements, time appointment changes during medical treatment, various status reports, and contact with problems encountered in transportation and life in Japan. Answers to medical questions belong to the category of professional physicians, and this service does not include relevant answers and recommended purchases of drugs.

Value segment: ¥16,200 (excluding 10% consumption tax)

Communication consultant administrative fee/month

SKU: medicalconsult
Sales Tax Included
  • When you go to see a doctor overseas, the medical assistant will provide a medical interpretation service. However, the translation work is only to assist in the workplace time, and the rest is not included in the scope of work. In recent years, due to the increasing convenience and popularity of the Internet, in order to be able to provide more comprehensive services, medical assistants have provided monthly communication consultation services for a fee. This is a program that allows you to have someone to assist you in addition to seeing a doctor overseas.
    For example: I am at the station and I don’t know how to get to the hospital. Can you tell the driver for me? The counter staff have been telling me a bunch of things, can you help me confirm what they are talking about? Wait, through the LINE: medicalsupporter of the medical assistant, these trivial things can be easily solved, allowing you to travel unimpeded in Japan. Coupled with LINE's online real-time photo sharing and video transmission, the first-time and zero-distance service is so convenient. It can be used not only in medical tourism, but also in your usual visits. Such a convenient system, do not join immediately!

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