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Fukuoka Cancer General Clinic can provide second doctor's order report in order to take care of every overseas cancer patient.


Second doctor's order consultation method: According to the medical record information, inspection report, X-ray report or medical record report and imaging report (CT, MRI, etc.) provided by you, after the analysis and judgment of Fukuoka Cancer General Clinic, a formal second doctor's order will be provided report.


Time required: After the medical assistant receives your information, it will translate and arrange it and provide it to the Fukuoka Cancer General Clinic in about 1-2 days, and the clinic will reply in about 1-3 days.

Fukuoka Cancer Clinic: Second Order Report

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  • Medical assistants provide international diagnosis and treatment services, assist you to obtain advice from Japanese medical doctors on the diagnosis of your cancer condition, and save you travel time to visit. If you have questions about cancer treatment, etc., you can consult Fukuoka Cancer Clinic for a fee.


    1. The time required is about 3-5 days (including the time for the medical assistant to sort out the data and the time for the Fukuoka Cancer General Clinic to open the report).

    2. Please provide the current examination report (including imaging examination report) and medical records.

    3. You can do it by mail, electronic file transfer, etc.

    4. If Fukuoka Cancer Clinic needs to charge other fees, it will confirm the customer's wishes, agree to proceed and charge additional fees.

    Value segment: ¥60,000 (excluding 10% consumption tax)

  • 1. Once this service is used, it cannot be refunded.

    2. If the information provided is to hide the real situation, it will affect the doctor's judgment, resulting in the lack of treatment, please bear the responsibility yourself.

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