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A medical interpreter is accompanied by every doctor's visit, and the hospital will require an interpreter to be on hand to assist when receiving treatment. Each time is counted as 4 hours, and the calculation is based on the day, and the hours cannot be separated and added together. 【Medical Assistant】Provide this service for you and become a bridge for you to communicate when receiving treatment!
¥62,000 (excluding 10% consumption tax)

medical escort service

SKU: medInterpreter
Sales Tax Included
  • In medical treatment, the most fearful thing is not being able to communicate with the hospital and the doctor what you want to express.
    In the event of an emergency, a person always feels very helpless overseas, please let us help you!
    Please tell us the time of your visit so we can arrange for a professional interpreter to assist you.


  • Precautions
    1. Interpretation services are made by appointment. Once the appointment is canceled for any reason, the cancellation policy is: 50% of the fee will be charged for cancellation within 24 hours before the service, and 100% of the fee will be charged for cancellation on the same day. Note: The working hours are Monday to Saturday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Sundays and Japanese national holidays do not include cancellation services.
    Example: If the service is scheduled at 9:00 am on Monday, if the owner cancels for some reason, since the company is closed on Sunday, and the owner has not informed the company of the cancellation before 6:00 pm on Saturday, the owner must bear the full cost of the interpreter on Monday.
    Four-hour medical interpretation service is charged at ¥62,000 (excluding 10% consumption tax)
    2. For the transportation expenses of the interpreters, if the schedule has passed the noon lunch break, the meal expenses must be borne by the client.

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