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Provide 4G wireless network rental, which can connect ten mobile phones or computers
It should be noted that to use this service, a deposit of 3,000 yuan is required, and the money will be refunded after confirming that the machine is recovered
(Photos are for reference only, based on the real machine)
Value segment: ¥900 (excluding 10% consumption tax)

4G WIFI rental

SKU: pocketwifi
Sales Tax Included
  • Is overseas roaming expensive?
    Try local wireless Internet access, one WIFI can support ten electronic devices at the same time.
    So that you can still grasp various first-hand information while overseas.

    At the same time, there are three-day, five-day, and one-week plans.
    Three days ¥2,500  Five days ¥4,000_ cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ seven days_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_¥5,500
    It should be noted that after the lease is established, it cannot be revalued.
    EX: If the lease is on the second day, if it is extended for another day, it cannot be calculated with the three-day discounted price. The fee is still ¥3,000

  • The terms of this contract apply to Shingitoyo Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the store), and for customers who use the wifi rental service (hereinafter referred to as the user),

    When providing rental services (hereinafter referred to as rental services) of WiFi routers (hereinafter referred to as products).
    1. The contract is established

    The store will provide rental WiFi services to users based on the terms of this rental contract.
    When users use our website ( When applying for the service and completing the payment, the rental contract between the user and the store is formally established.
    When applying for the rental service, the user must read and understand the terms of this contract carefully, and submit the application only after agreeing to all the contents.
    2. Rental period of the rental service
    The period of use of the rental service is from the start date of use (scheduled arrival date of the product) to the end date of use (putting in the mailbox).
    Even if the product cannot be received due to the user's personal reasons, the rental service is deemed to have started. The user must confirm the "arrival list and confirmation of contract details" that the goods are delivered at the same time, and the rental period.
    3. Changes in the period of the rental service
    Once the product is shipped, the rental period cannot be changed.
    The store does not recognize refunds due to early return of goods during the rental period.
    If the user wants to shorten the rental time due to the special circumstances of the user, the user must contact the store.
    4. Cancellation of rental service
    If the product is delivered before, the user can cancel the service.
    Cancellation fees will not be charged if the service is canceled before the item is shipped.
    5. Fees for Rental Services
    Rental service fees include communication fees and rental fees for rental WiFi routers.
    Shipping costs and other additional services for sending and returning products will be charged separately.
    6. Payment methods for rental services
    Rental service fees will be paid by credit card.
    If it is a legal person contract, after passing the review of our shop, payment can also be made by payment request.
    7. Delay fees
    If the user fails to return the product after the rental period expires, the store will demand the rental fee for the delayed part.
    The delay fee is 810 yen per day (tax included), and payment will be requested by the user's credit card.  
    8. Damage and soaking of goods
    If the product is damaged or soaked in water caused by the user during use, the store will ask the user for the repair cost of the product. However, if you subscribe to the security protection service in advance, you will not be required to pay.
    In addition, our store will not charge the user for the failure of the product due to natural factors.
    9. Loss of goods

    In the event that the user loses the product, the store will request the product cost (the cost of the WiFi router) from the user.

    10. Areas where the rental service can be used
    The user must apply for the rental service after confirming the service area where the product can be used.
    Even within the service area, communication may not be possible due to the influence of buildings or communication barriers of the carrier.
    Even if the communication is not possible due to the above reasons, our store will not be held responsible in accordance with the terms of contract 15.
    11. Restrictions on the use of rental services
    If the user violates social good customs and order, or causes trouble to others when using it, the store may take measures to limit the rental service without prior notice.
    12. Delivery of goods
    The store will deliver the product to the address recorded by the user when applying for the service by mail.
    Users should confirm the product status as soon as possible after receiving the product. If the product is missing, they must contact the store immediately.
    If there is no contact within 3 days after the arrival of the goods, it will be deemed that the goods have been delivered in full.
    13. Return of goods
    The user must return the product to the store before the rental deadline stated on the "Arrival List and Confirmation of Contract Details".
    The return method is to use the post office letter pack to put the product in the mailbox. If you can put it in the mailbox by 8:00 am the day after the rental deadline, it will be considered as returning the product within the specified period.
    14. Scope of Guarantee Liability
    Regarding the rental service of our store, the liability for damages or other liabilities that should be borne, regardless of the reason, is limited to the rental fee in the rental service.  
    15. Correspondence in case of failure or product abnormality
    During the rental period, if there is a lack of performance that is not attributable to the user and causes the product to fail to operate normally, our store will send a substitute product as soon as possible.
    When the product is confirmed at our store and it is determined that the product is defective, the rental fee payable during the rental period will be calculated and exempted on a daily basis.
    16. The scope of responsibility of our store when the product is abnormal

    When the goods provided by the rental service are abnormal, the scope of responsibility of the store is limited to the failure of the goods provided by the store, and the store will not be responsible for the abnormal phenomenon caused by the following reasons.

    ・Anomalies caused by the user's mistake in operating the device or using it.
    ・Anomalies caused by the model, operation, setting, or compatibility of the device owned by the user.
    ・Anomalies caused by communication companies, connection companies, or companies that provide firmware sources.
    ・Anomalies caused by the terrain around the user when using the product, obstacles in buildings, or interference from radar and electric waves from home appliances.
    ・Anomalies caused by force majeure such as natural disasters and earth changes.

    ・Other abnormal phenomena not caused by our company's responsibility.

    17. Protection of member information

    The store will not provide personal information to third parties without the prior consent of the renter.

    18. Personal Information Protection Policy

    ・Our store will comply with laws and other regulations related to the protection of personal information, and handle personal information in an appropriate and appropriate manner.
    ・All personal information obtained by this store will only be used for the purpose of use indicated at the time of obtaining the information, and within the scope of related business or business necessity.
    In addition, when it is necessary to use personal information with other third parties, or when it is necessary to entrust the handling of personal information to other third parties,
    The company will monitor both parties or third parties who use it jointly to ensure that they can use personal information correctly and appropriately.
    ・In addition to the safe management of all personal information, our store will make every effort to implement necessary and correct and appropriate information preservation measures in order to prevent the loss, alteration or leakage of personal information.
    21. Court of Jurisdiction
    Regarding all rental services, various disputes between the store and users will be governed by the Fukuoka Summary Court or the Fukuoka District Court.

    22. Start time

    The terms of this lease contract have been implemented since July 9, 2015, and have begun to take effect.

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