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Public welfare

Public welfare


Taiwan has too many issues that need attention. From food safety, education, political issues. Although we carry out medical translation work, we take it from the society and use it in the society, and accumulating wealth has not been our only option. Among the critically ill patients, many families need to rely on the assistance of foreign nurses, but many of them are exploited by bad intermediaries. On the one hand, the nurses are physically and mentally exhausted, and it is difficult to provide better care. Therefore, among the revenue of Medical Supporter, we will allocate 10% to social welfare activities. We hope that through related activities, we can improve the labor rights of foreign employees in Taiwan and increase Taiwan's international visibility.


So invest in sponsoring Say Taiwan, a Taiwan tourism promotion event, and say Taiwan in your language. Part of the funds required for operation is sponsored by Medical Supporter.


Reason: Currently there are 500,000 foreigners in Taiwan. According to Wikipedia, among the foreigners in Taiwan, by nationality, Indonesia (36.6%), Vietnam (23.2%), Philippines (16.6%), Thailand ( 12.7%) and Malaysians (2.6%) are the most. Here comes the question, what do these friends in Taiwan think of Taiwan? What are your views? We strengthen the good ones and improve the bad ones. Therefore established this, currently in progress. However, we believe that this can be helpful to the promotion of local culture in Taiwan and the human rights of people in Southeast Asia. So I got a few friends to do it together.


Goal: Asians who visit Taiwan express Taiwan’s affairs in their native language through personal experience, and help us understand our own land with different perspectives and angles. On the other hand, let more people face up to their Southeast Asian friends in Taiwan, and then improve their working conditions and living environment in Taiwan, thereby promoting the improvement of the rights and interests of domestic workers. Another point is to promote more overseas tourists to visit Taiwan, increase Taiwan's international visibility, and break the diplomatic dilemma!


In the end, as long as we do our best, we can definitely make Taiwan a better country. Join US!

The 2nd Taiwan Film Festival, Southern Night Talk


Since Xinyifeng started its business, it has been thinking about how to give back to the society and its mother country, Taiwan. Since 2015, in order to care about social issues, it has started to co-organize the first film festival on social issues in Fukuoka , coordinated with friends from all over Japan, and cooperated with Kaohsiung Film Theater to play Taiwanese movies in these four places. And invite these new tax directors to share these things about us with Japan and foreigners in Japan. In addition, I also hope that through this event, we can connect with Taiwanese friends in Japan, so that people from more countries can understand and identify with Taiwan through these films discussing social issues in addition to snacks.


Thanks to the support from all walks of life, this event was successfully held in four places in Japan. At the same time, the event was also published in the Taiwan News section of Japan. Successfully made a perfect promotion for Kaohsiung Film.

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