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これがあるから、Taiwan へ

Advanced medical technology

Taiwan has been highly regarded internationally for its medical technology. In particular, the technology in the fields of cosmetic surgery and dental treatment is a world top club.



High-level medical environment

Taiwan's medical institutions are clean and equipped with the latest medical equipment. Treatment and sightseeing are combined, and after treatment, you can go to Taiwan's beautiful tourist spots for a visit.



1. **Health Insurance Card**: Medical expenses in Taiwan are covered by the health insurance card in Japan. You can join travel insurance and overseas medical insurance.


2. **通訳**: All medical institutions are in Japanese. It's a companion service, a Japanese one, a medical institution, and a pre-confirmation service.


3. **Prescriptions for medicines**: Some of the prescription medicines in Taiwan are from Japan and are only available in special cases. In cases where you have a persistent illness or require specific medicine, you must consult a doctor.


4. **Reservation system**: Many medical institutions require reservations. You can receive the medical examination after making an appointment for the medical examination in advance.


5. **Medical Expenses**: Taiwan’s medical expenses are relatively high compared to Japan’s, and the treatment content is high and the amount is high in cases. When it is necessary, the cost before treatment can be adjusted according to the circumstances.


6. **Residence status**: It is necessary to obtain the appropriate status of residence when the long-term stay is predetermined, when the specified treatment is not accepted, and when the residence status is appropriate.


7. **hold ち帰り薬**: Taiwan から Japan へhold ち帰る薬には, restricted があるoccasion があります. Japan's customs regulations are determined in advance, and customs duties are determined in advance by the Customs Act.


Please read the above precautions carefully and receive safe and secure medical treatment in Taiwan.

Derby Dental Grup

Dulwich College of Dentistry is one of the famous medical institutions that provides the most advanced dental care in Taiwan. Since its establishment in Taipei in 1989, the hospital has gained a reputation for its specialized services and high-quality treatments, and now has nearly 40 clinics and hospitals across Taiwan.


In particular, Dulwich Clinic was the first dental hospital established in Taiwan. Our specialty is the treatment provided by specialized doctors using the most advanced medical equipment and advanced technology. There are specialized centers in many places, such as dental implant centers, orthodontic centers, and maxillofacial centers, and we provide treatment to each patient at any time.


In addition, Dulwich Medical is expanding overseas and provides medical services in China, Japan, and Malaysia. We are concerned about the services that have an international perspective and are closely connected to the region.


Dewei Medical Clinic, "One Family Medical Clinic, Domestic and Foreign Clinics", Spiritual Hospital, 専门的心のこもったmedical Hospital, Accepted Hospitalます. Advanced technology, warmth, and trust for many patients.

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