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Super Activated Macrophage "Mixed MAT Therapy"

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Cancer and Immune Cells - Macrophages

Macrophages are multipurpose, multifunctional cells. As the body's "scavenger," they remove dead cells and other waste from the body. becauseMacrophages also defend against tumor cells and some cells infected by fungi or parasites. When a T cell recognizes a unique antigen on the surface of an abnormal cell, the T cell becomes an active effector cell that releases chemical mediators called lymphokines, which stimulate macrophages to become more aggressive. Aggressive.


Macrophages are also believed to help cancer cells proliferate. They are attracted to the vicinity of oxygen-deprived tumor cells and promote chronic inflammation. Macrophages release inflammatory substances such as tumor necrosis factor (TNF) that activate the NF-κB gene. Afterwards, NF-κB enters the nucleus of tumor cells and initiates the production of various proteins that can stop apoptosis and promote cell proliferation and inflammation.


Macrophages participate in the formation of the tumor microenvironment and promote tumor proliferation

The tumor microenvironment has a great influence on the proliferation of tumor cells. In addition to fibroblasts and vascular endothelial cells, macrophages are important cells that form the tumor microenvironment. For the immunostaining of macrophages in various human cancer tissues, it is surprising to find that a large number of macrophages exist around tumor cells. These macrophages are called Tumor-associated macrophage (TAM), which has been found in many cancers. Such as breast cancer, endometrial cancer, esophageal cancer, liver cancer and malignant lymphoma, etc., this type of macrophage can promote the proliferation of tumor cells.

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Super Activated Macrophage "Mixed MAT Therapy"

"Mixed MAT Therapy"Active factor (ARL) intake via 1-2 weekly infusions (IAF) and daily oral intaketo activate macrophages in the body. During the drip administration, the performance of M1 was promoted and stabilized. In previous treatments targeting macrophages, even if macrophages can be activated, there may be cases where M2 is stronger than M1, thereby promoting the growth of tumor cells, and there is a risk. This therapy can stabilize the balance of M1 and M2 and achieve safe treatment.

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Features of "Hybrid MAT Therapy" of Hyperactivated Macrophages

The drips used are extracted from plants, so there is no risk of unknown infectious diseases, and it has a high level of activation rate. In the past, traditional products used the blood cell fragments of oneself or others, including proteins and serum, and there were risks such as unknown infections. In principle, it is recommended that 1-2 drips per week is the best. This is a prescription based on the measurement results of the effective concentration of MAF in the body, and the most appropriate concentration and frequency of administration should be carried out according to the patient's condition. Immunity tests can be performed before and during treatment as a reference for treatment effects and post-treatment guidelines.

Maintain high activity of immune cells, induce cancer cell recognition mechanism and anti-tumor effect.

■Activate macrophages in the body through intravenous drip (1-2 times a week) combined with daily oral administration of active factors.

■Promote the adjustment of macrophages from M2 expression to M1 expression.

■It is expected to inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells that obtain energy through anaerobic glycolysis.

■As a treatment option, there are almost no side effects.

■It can be used as a measure to prevent cancer recurrence.

■There is no need to collect a large amount of blood for culture, and the burden is small.

■It can be expected to relieve chronic pain and have the effect of recovering from fatigue.

■The treatment time is short.

■It can be used together with other treatment methods.

■ Applied to lifestyle-related diseases and nutrition-related diseases by promoting lipid action.

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A course of mixed MAT therapy is about 8-10At the end, a second immune test will be conducted to measure the effect of treatment and check the patient's condition after treatment, which will serve as a reference for future treatment plans.

Remark:The above is the basic treatment plan, which may be different from the above according to the patient's condition, and it is coordinated with other treatments such as anticancer drugs and radiation. If necessary, further treatment will be recommended to help strengthen the immune system in the body within a course of treatment.

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