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​Heavy Ion Rediotherapy

Charged particles of carbon are used to make the speed reach about 70% of the speed of light through a medical accelerator to attack tumors.

​Immunotherapy・ImmunCell Therapy

Such as NK and DC from the blood, cultivated and then reinfused back to the patient. These treatment, such as neoantigene, NK&T cells, etc. 

Consult with Japanese Medical Institutions

You can consult with Japan medical institutions, famous specialists, medical behavior introduction, medical institution mediation... etc. 

Find another possibility for treatment

​Online medical consultation with Japan Specialist

As you decide to take medical treatment in Japan, the most common issus is how to deal with daily affairs when you are not familiar with Japanese. Every client and their family member has their own insistence and requirements, and it is convenienct to let us figure these trivial matters! We  knew very will abouth the patient's situation.

​ In fact, going to Japan for treatment is very simple

Technology getting advance each passing day. There are many advanced technologies and treatments in Japan. Give yourself a chance to expand the possibility of more treatments in Japan.  We are your first choice for medical care  assisant!

​ Professional physician online consultation

​We knew very well about Japan medical care, and cooperates with many Japanese medical institutions. These institutions can provide foreinger patinet with a paid service, such as a video conferences with doctors's second opinion . Alleviate anxiety before your arrival.


Treatment process in Japan

01 Online consultation
​ Initial consultation with medical consultants via LINE, WeChat, Emal or telephone,Submit the form

02 Contract & Payment
We can provide English, Chinese, and Japanese version contract, please comfirm and sign the contract and make the service payment.

03 Translation
We will based on the patient's medical records and translate to Japanese version.

04 Contact Medical instituion

Based on the patient information  to choose the Japan medical institutions, make appointments with doctors to figure out treatment estimates.