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Immune Cell BAK Therapy

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What are the characteristics of Cell Therapy BAK?

(1) In "BAK therapy", the cultivated immune cells can recognize normal cells and attack other abnormal cells, that is, cancer cells. Therefore, there is very high efficiency.

(2) Immune cell therapy NK and γδT cells (CD56 positive) are used independently for immune cells "BAK therapy" to suppress killer activity (the ability to attack abnormal cells), when HLA-I (leukocyte antigen) of normal cells is recognized, it is Does not attack normal cells. When faced with cancer cells, as long as there is no HLA-I (leukocyte antigen), immune cells will recognize that the cells are not normal cells and attack them. In addition, NK and βT cells (CD56 positive) attack through NKG2D molecular recognition of MIC A/B molecules expressed in abnormal cells such as cancer cells. This mechanism also does not attack normal cells.

(3) Using a proprietary serum-free medium, the cultured immune cells grow to about 10 billion in an overwhelming manner.


The serum-free ALyS-BAK medium used in the cancer treatment immune cell "BAK therapy" has an excellent immune cell proliferation function compared to other media. Also, since human serum is not used, there is no risk of infection with unknown viruses or mycoplasma.

​Differences between BAK therapy and other immune cell therapies

BAK therapy
CTL therapy
CTL therapy and dendritic cell therapy use killer T cells to attack cancer cells, but they cannot attack cancer cells that do not have HLA-I. In contrast, BAK therapy is mainly to proliferate positive CD56 cells, which can attack cancer cells that cannot be attacked by CTL therapy and dendritic cell therapy to exert curative effect.
  Dendritic cell therapy
 NK cell therapy
γδT cell therapy
NK cell therapy is the same as γδT cell therapy and BAK therapy, both targeting positive CD56 cell proliferation. The difference is that fewer immune cells are proliferated and only a single cell is cultured. Under the optimal culture technology of BAK therapy, in addition to the number of NK cells and γδT cells, it also includes killer T cells and helper T cells. Therefore, it can attack cancer cells in many ways, and it is expected to have better curative effect.

IAF (Immune Adjusting Factor)

How to use IAF to destroy cancer cells?

Because cancer patients will produce Nagalase to inhibit Gc protein, resulting in the inability to form macrophage growth factor (MAF), since macrophages must be activated by MAF, macrophages will not be able to attack cancer cells in the body to attack. At this time, the immunomodulatory factor (IAF) is provided to the patient through artificial synthesis to activate the macrophages to attack cancer cells.

Screenshot 2019-11-25 18.22.18.png
Screenshot 2019-11-25 18.44.28.png
Screenshot 2019-11-25 19.19.36.png

Schematic diagram of new fusion dendritic cell vaccine

New CELL Dendritic Cell (New CELL Dendritic Cell) is produced jointly using dendritic cells and cancer antigens.
Schematic diagram of new fusion dendritic cell therapy (NEW CELL DENDRITIC CELL IMMUNOTHERAPY)
Completely personalized cancer vaccines, through the fusion of new cells formed by cancer patients' own dendritic cells and cancer cells, realize the preparation of completely personalized cancer vaccines, and inject them into patients. Treat cancer mutations and continue to attack cancer cells Because cancer cells have the ability to hide cancer antigens from the cell surface, or cancer cells mutate, they can cleverly escape the surveillance of the immune system. Since the fusion cells contain almost all the cancer antigen information of the patient, after sending instructions to the cytotoxic T cells (CTL) to attack the cancer cells, the CTL will focus on the cancer antigens and attack the cancer cells.

Clinic address and appearance

截圖 2019-11-26 18.38.40.png
Chi International Clinic aims at "never give up cancer treatment", providing other treatment options for cancer patients who are currently receiving standard treatment but have not improved much.
In addition, by taking preventive measures before the development of cancer and countermeasures after the onset, Shiba International Clinic aims to provide various treatment methods to more patients through "preemptive self-healing medicine".
1F Terada Building 2-3-3 Shiba Park, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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