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Electric Field Therapy (TTF・ECCT)

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◎Regenerating the Future Crane Electric Field Therapy (TTF・ECCT)

The unique principle of electric field therapy endows it with special killing effect on cancer cells:

1. Can treat deep tumors

Electric field therapy is non-uniformly distributed in the treatment area and covers the entire geometry of the treatment site, so it can be used to treat deeply located tumors.

2. Sustainable treatment

Since electric fields do not have a half-life, electric fields are delivered continuously during the treatment.


3. Precise targeting to prevent cancer cell division

The electric field can selectively interfere with the cancer cells in the rapid proliferation and division phase that produce highly charged substances, causing them to enter the apoptosis program, but has no obvious effect on the normal cells of the human body in the resting phase and division phase.

4. Safe and non-invasive, almost no side effects

Basically does not work on normal cells because the electrical properties (conductivity and permittivity) of tumor cells are different from normal cells. Tumor cells have relatively high electrical properties. Therefore, tumor cells are relatively more sensitive to external electric fields. The side effects of electric field therapy are very small compared with chemotherapy, and there have been no reports of any major side effects.

What is Electric Field Therapy (TTF・ECCT)

Electric field therapy can generate an electric field in the human body to inhibit the rapid division of cancer cells locally or in the lesion area. This method physically destroys cancer cells and causes them to die. This is the basic concept of cancer electric field therapy. Although a small number of normal cells also have cells that rapidly proliferate the intestinal mucosa, cancer cells generally have the characteristic of being smaller than normal cells. Therefore, normal cells are not destroyed.

At present, electric field therapy is a prospective study in the world, and there are not many experts who have a deep understanding of this new technology. In Japan, which is closer to China, TTF technology has also been introduced, and an electric field therapy device similar to TTF has been successfully developed, called ECCT.

Immunohistochemical staining

Abnormal spindle formation hampers microtubule building

Immunohistochemical staining, cell mitosis map

Microtubules (green), actin (red), DNA (blue)


Cell Membrane Changes Caused by Cancer Cell Apoptosis

Pictured: Detected annexin chromosomes (red)

Principles of Electric Field Therapy: General Principles

●Use a weaker medium-frequency AC electric field to aim at the cancer cells and continuously send out the electric field.

●As long as there is an electric current, an electric field will be generated around it.
●The generated electric field can tighten charged substances (various objects and tiny charged particles).
●A metaphor is like the existence of gravity. So as to achieve the effect of inhibiting the division of cancer cells.

Principles of Electric Field Therapy: Cell Level 1

●When there is no division, the electric field in the cell is uniform.
●During division, the nucleus undergoes a complex evolution process to form mitosis and cytokinesis.
●In the primary stage of mitosis, the spindle is formed mainly through the coincidence of microtubules.
●But under the action of electric field, since the microtubules are arranged along the electric field, the stimulation of the electric field will hinder the coincidence of microtubules, and at the same time, mitosis will stop.

Metaphase (cellular level 1): hinders microtubule construction → apoptosis of cancer cells.



During the initial stages of mitosis, spindle formation begins through the coincidence of highly polar microtubules.



When division is not occurring, the electric field in the cell is uniform.


Under the action of the electric field, since the microtubules are arranged along the electric field, the stimulation of the electric field will hinder the coincidence of the microtubules, and at the same time, the mitosis will also stop.

Principles of Electric Field Therapy: Cell Level 2

●In cancer cells after spindle formation, cell division from 1 cell to 2 cells begins.
●When dividing, the shape of cancer cells is like an hourglass. Under the action of external electric field, the distribution of electric field will not be very uniform.
●As a result, the electric field will forcibly squeeze the components in the cancer cells to move to the bottleneck of the hourglass, destroying and tearing the cancer cells.

Anaphase of division (cell level 2): Intracellular macromolecules, organelles and other components move to the bottleneck → destroy cancer cells.






In cells where spindle formation is complete, the cell begins to divide into two cells.

When dividing, the cell is shaped like an hourglass, and under the action of an external electric field, the electric field distribution will be uneven.

The electric field will forcibly squeeze the components in the cancer cells and move them to the bottleneck of the hourglass, thereby destroying and tearing apart the cancer cells.

  Electric field therapy treatment method

According to the specific condition of the patient and the location of the lesion, according to the patient's height and weight, etc.Tailoredwearable device. The intensity setting of the electric field also varies according to the physical condition of each patient and the progress of the disease. After purchasing the device, the patient can wear it regularly at home according to the instructions, without having to go to Japan many times.


electric field jacket

new helmet full neck_edited.jpg

Electric field helmet


electric field jacket


electric field blanket

President Shinichiro Akiyama interviewed by foreign media

​◎About Regenerative Future

Regeneration Future Clinic has four bases in Japan, which are divided into branches according to different attributes, such as dermatology and cancer treatment. They are in Tokyo, Osaka, and Kobe respectively. There are a total of six clinics in operation, which can be regarded as medical institutions with a wide distribution. Also in academic researchresearch part,Regenerative Future has conducted joint research with Tokushima University, the Affiliated Hospital of Kobe University Faculty of Medicine, Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine, and Konan University.Electric field therapy and chemotherapy and other cancer treatments can be given at the same time. Especially immunotherapy like our hospitalGcMAFIf macrophage activation chemotherapy is used together, a good synergistic effect will be obtained.

​◎Regenerate the future GcMAF activated macrophage therapy

Regenerate the future GcMAFThe introduction page of activated macrophage therapy is:


◎GcMAF is

A substance that activates dormant immune cells (macrophages).

Gc protein is an activating factor and a key precursor of macrophages. If the Gc protein is cut off by the Nagalasesu enzyme secreted by cancer cells or HIV-infected lymphocytes, it will not be converted into a macrophage activating factor, which will cause macrophages to dormant and unable to act on cancer cells. Therefore, GcMAF is administered, and this GcMAF is a substance that can activate macrophages and promote macrophages to function, especially for cancer cells, AIDS, etc., and immune insufficiency.

Gc protein is taken out from about 240~360ml of patient's blood, treated with enzymes in CPC (Cell Culture Center), and GcMAF is produced and injected back into the body to turn on the immune switch. It is a therapy aimed at activating macrophages.


GcMAFmacrophage activation chemotherapyFeatures

  • Macrophages are cells that can engulf and digest cancer cells, viruses, and bacteria.

  • After phagocytosis of cancer cells, viruses, and bacteria, it can provide antigens to helper T cells and B lymphocytes.

  • According to the information provided by the hospital, it has been confirmed by animal experiments that GcMAF can inhibit the angiogenesis of cancer cells.

​◎Regenerative Future Physician Group Introduction

According to the website information, there are six physicians in Reborn Future, namely Shinichiro Akiyama, Sawako Hibino, Masamitsu Ichihashi, Tomohiko Yamamoto, Toshio Miri, and Hitoshi Hida. The following introduces the resumes of the chief dean and the chairman of the board for your reference. Content excerpted from:Reborn Future's official websitePhysician introduction

Shinichiro Akiyama


​chairman dry leaf


We Are


Graduated from Sapporo Medical University, currently serving as the dean of Tokyo R Future がん International Clinic, previously worked as the medical director of the Space Medicine Research and Development Office of the Space Development Corporation, the deputy director of Suido Sakura Hospital, the chief dean of Kudan Clinic and the director of CPC, Director of UDX Hirahata Klinic.

Experience - Affiliated Society

Lecturer at McGill University

World Association of Physicians

American Academy of Internal Medicine

American Society of Clinical Oncology

American Cancer Society

American Chemical Society

American Association for the Advancement of Science

Life Member of International Society for Dendritic Cell & Vaccine Science

After graduating from Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine in 1978 and working in a general hospital, he started his own business at the age of 33. Due to the friendly and meticulous diagnosis and treatment, about 400 patients visit the doctor a day, and they are still seeing the doctor until late at night. In 2010, he founded the Living Future Clinic in Kobe, and now cooperates with overseas medical institutions to continue the research and development of new immunotherapy.
​◎TTF・ECCT electric field therapy fee

Since the Regenerative Future Medical Group has two fields of skin and cancer treatment, the contact information and addresses of the following three branches specializing in cancer treatment are as follows.


Osaka: Dry Gan Immunity Clinic

〒570-0011 6-14-17 Kaneda-cho, Moriguchi City, Osaka Prefecture


Kobe: Renewing the Future Clinic Kobe

〒651-0083 23F, Kobe Shoko Trading Center, 5-1-14 Hamabedori, Chuo-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture


Tokyo: R Future がん International Club

〒106-0047 5-10-26 ORE Hiroo Building 7F, Minami Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo

​◎Clinic address

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