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Stem Cell Therapy

Kyushu Regenerative Medicine Center

​◎Treatment introduction

Japanese academic/research institutions have been sparing no effort in cell development and research, among which stem cell therapy has also received great attention. In the regenerative medicine regulations, it is classified into category 2. If a medical institution wants to provide this treatment, the cooperating laboratory must be certified by the CPC, and the medical institution must also be approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (equivalent to the Ministry of Health and Welfare). This treatment is offered only after these are completed. In Japan, stem cell therapy is mainly used for beauty (breast enhancement) and joints (knee), and most of the other uses are clinical trials. This time, I would like to introduce the knee stem cell medical treatment information that [Medical Assistant] has assisted.
​ Stem Cell Therapy
Use the cells stored in your own fat or joint fluid to regenerate your own damaged tissues.
stem cell therapy
Injection​growth factor
Use the cells stored in your own fat or joint fluid to regenerate your own damaged tissues.
​Injection of hyaluronic acid

​ It is hoped that through the powerful anti-inflammatory drug effect, the joint pain can be relieved, so as to achieve the effect of functional recovery.
Hyaluronic acid injection

​◎Japan's largest "specific cell culture manufacturing facility"

The "Kyushu Regenerative Medicine Cell Culture Center (Specific Cell Culture Manufacturing Facility)" is located in the "Kyushu Regenerative Medicine Center", and under strict management, stem cells of the highest quality are cultivated with advanced technology and knowledge. In this facility, cell culture is performed under strict management by experienced and highly skilled culture specialists. 1 Hypertrophied stem cells may become a factor of thrombosis during intravenous infusion. All stem cells cultured in our center are screened through strict production methods and standards, and will not contain coarsened cells. 2 Once the dead cells enter the body during the culture process, it may cause adverse reactions such as rejection (such as fever). Therefore, stem cells need to have a high survival rate. The survival rate of the stem cells provided by this facility is "more than 90% in general => 97% in actual value", which is a very high survival rate and is ahead of the same industry level in Japan. , which is a very high survival rate, which is ahead of the level of the same industry in Japan.
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​◎Persistence in high-quality cells

Provide fresh stem cells to patients, although compared with freezing and thawing cells, the cost of culture is higher, and it requires superb technology to expand a sufficient number of cells before the patient's desired administration date, but studies have shown that this method is clinically feasible. Better results. The left panel is from a paper documenting differences in the effects of in vivo injection of raw planktonic cells and freeze-thawed cells. Here's a quote from the paper: "Fresh MSCs (i.e., fresh stem cells) had a better signal strength to human cells than thawed MSCs. The immune response to the cells was also stronger." Strong. Studies have shown that the clinical response is more pronounced with raw cells."

​◎Applicable objects

・Cerebrovascular disorders・diabetes·Chronic Pain・Spinal cord injury
・Liver disease・Beauty anti-aging regeneration・Osteoarthritis・Sports trauma・Hair regeneration

◎Physician introduction

Sakaguchi   Shang


Graduated from Graduate School of Medicine, Kumamoto University

Surgery Specialist

Cardiovascular surgery specialist

Vascular specialist

Intravascular laser cautery surgery performer and supervisor

(specialized field)

regenerative medicine

Cardiovascular Surgery

(affiliated society, etc.)

Japan Society for Regenerative Medicine

japanese surgical society

Japanese Society of Thoracic Surgery

Japanese Society of Cardiovascular Surgery

Japanese Society of Vascular Surgery

Japanese Vascular Society

Japan Medical and Environmental Society

Research field

Analysis of arteriosclerosis mekanizum

The Asian Society for Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery


Fukuoka Prefecture Fukuoka City Higashi-ku Kashii Teruha 3-chome 4-10 Artreamo

◎Clinic address

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