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Anti-aging pluripotent stem cell therapy


​◎Multipotent stem cells

All the cells in our body, including the cells that make up tissues such as skin or blood, have a very short lifespan. In order to allow all tissues to be replaced smoothly and to maintain the good functioning of the body, it is necessary to continuously replenish new cells to replace the cells that are about to die. Cells with this ability are called "stem cells". A cell must have the following two abilities before it can be called a stem cell: one is the "differentiation ability", which can differentiate into various cells in the body such as epidermal cells, red blood cells, and platelets; the second is the "self-replication ability" , that is, the ability to replicate and divide cells with the same function as itself.

​◎Anti-aging​: Autologous fat stem cell therapy

Because of the relationship between wrinkles and sagging of the face, it looks old. The main reason isyesAtrophy of cheek tissue, resulting in reduced facial fat, resulting in sagging cheeks and obvious nasolabial folds. For this reason, how to supplement the fat of the face is the key to anti-aging.

However, it is not easy to maintain its effect simply by supplementing fat.

Adding stem cells to fat transplantation can reduce fat absorption by the body and maintain long-term effects. In addition, it can also repair the damaged dermis due to aging to achieve comprehensive treatment of the face.

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​Anti-aging: autologous fat stem cell therapy process


Stem cell culture time is about 4 weeks

Inject with a syringe without leavingscars

The number of visits to the hospital is twice: ①Doctor consultation and cell collection ②Injection 

◎Clinic Introduction

◎Cell culture facilities

helene equipment.png

Cell Culture Facility (CPC)

Cell cultivation is carried out under strict hygienic management


The clean air supplied to the experimental console is ISO grade 5 (grade 100) to keep the inside of the culture environment clean.

When performing cell proliferation and management, the cell culture facility (CPC) uses extremely high standards to minimize the number of tiny particles and ensure that the interior of the laboratory is always in a sterile state.


​ cell culture video

In order to maintain a high level of security, a careful bacterial inspection is carried out when the cells are put into the bank. In order to prevent different cell samples from being mistaken, Barcode two-dimensional codes are used for management, and an original operation management system including all cell culture processes has been constructed, and strict quality management is implemented.

◎Physician Introduction

Omotesando Prefecture Director Takaaki Matsuoka.jpg

2003 Graduated from Keio University Faculty of Medicine

              Department of Anesthesiology, Keio University Hospital

2004 Department of Anesthesiology, Police Friends Association Hospital

In 2005, participated in the medical corporation Shobi Association

2009 General vice president of Xiangmei Association, a medical corporation

2013 Omotesando HELENE clinic opened

"Affiliated Society"

PGA of Harvard Medical School

American Heart Association ACLS provider qualification

Peking University Executive MBA

Specialist of Japan Society of Aesthetic Surgery

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare certified anesthesiology flaunt doctor

Japanese Society of Anesthesiologists Certified Physician

Dr.  Matsuoka  Takaaki (TAKAAKI MATSUOKA) Physician

Omotesando HELENE Clinic is located in a well-known shopping paradise. Along the Omotesando line, well-known in Japan and abroadbrand storeThere are many. large commercial facilityOmotesando Hillopened. On the other hand, the laneway is a quiet residential area, with cutting-edge boutiques and well-knownbeauty salonGathering here is very popular with young people.

〒107-0062 Tokyo

Minato-ku Minami-Aoyama 5-chome 9-15   Aoyama OHMOTOO Building 3rd Floor

◎Clinic address

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us through any of the methods below.

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​ stem cell therapy
Use the cells stored in your own fat or joint fluid to regenerate your own damaged tissues.


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