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Introduction to Proton Therapy

The Chinese is called heavy ion (Japanese: heavy particle jyuryushi, not avoiding confusion in reading and presented in Japanese kanji below). Radiation therapy is a kind of radiation therapy. It has been practiced in Japan for many years. This therapy uses carbon or neon The charged particles of the medical accelerator make their speed reach about 70% of the speed of light or higher, and attack cancer nests, which is a kind of cutting-edge medical treatment. Heavy particle beams can selectively irradiate tumor cells in a concentrated manner, precisely destroying tumor cells, and have little effect on normal cells, but on nerves, blood vessels, heart and other parts. Traditional radiation therapy has the strongest energy when it penetrates the surface latent tissue of the human body, but the energy has weakened when it reaches the deep tumor, not only the treatment effect cannot meet expectations, but also often affects normal tissues, and patients often have epidermal muscle fibrosis. If side effects such as discomfort occur, neutron beams or heavy ion beams are used for treatment instead, since only cancer cells are irradiated intensively, the damage to surrounding normal cells is minimized, and the burden on the patient's body is also small.


Heavy particle rays are extremely lethal to tumor cells. Ordinary radiation can only damage the single bond of the DNA double helix structure of tumor cells. Medical accelerators are used to accelerate heavy particle rays to near the speed of light, allowing cancer cells to When it is touched, it can break all the DNA double strands due to the huge energy, so that it cannot repair itself and achieve the effect of destroying cancer cells. The cancer cell lethality of heavy particle radiation is about 2~3 times that of proton radiation, X-ray and gamma radiation, and it is characterized in that a single irradiation can obtain a high therapeutic effect.


Heavy particle radiation therapy is suitable for hard tumors that remain at a fixed location, and the following are the treatment targets for heavy particle radiation. like:
head and neck tumors,Base of the skull tumor,lung non-small cell lung cancer,esophagus,breast cancer,kidney,cervix,Chondroostoma,liver,pancreas,Prostate cancer, etc.


Subjects with Untreatable Cancer:

(1) Leukemia and other blood-related cancers.

(2) Cancer with extensive metastases.

(3) Irregular peristaltic organ cancers such as gastric cancer and colorectal cancer.

(4) Cancer sites that have received radiation therapy in the past, etc.


Medical assistants are available to assist Kyushu International Heavy Ion Beam Cancer Therapy Center in seeking medical assistance. Please contact us if you need it.


Treatment time: Each treatment can be completed within about 5 minutes (there is also a saying that it can be completed within 2 minutes). Once a day, such as early liver cancer or the first stage of non-small cell lung cancer, only need a few times to complete the treatment. It is a relatively easy treatment.


According to the data of Kyushu International Heavy Ion Beam Therapy Center, please refer to the following figure in comparison with the previous X-ray and gamma-ray radiation therapy. It should be noted that the treatment of heavy particle radiation has more limitations compared with chemotherapy/targeted drugs, immune cell therapy, etc. Whether it is acceptable or not needs to be judged by a physician.

◎ Q & A about heavy ion radiotherapy

  • 送件審核前我該注意什麼事情?
    1.事前送件審核將會產生費用,一旦送件至該醫療機關進行審核將無法退費。 2.審核資料必須先寄送至醫療助手後,方可進行。 3.通過後即開始進行各項就醫行程,若不幸沒通過也無法退費,委託前還請注意。
  • 要申請治療的話,該注意什麼事情?
    首先須提出病歷,醫師介紹信,影像紀錄(CT,MRI,PET等,盡可能將資料繳交完整)。醫療助手在收到這些資料後彙整翻譯後,交由重離子線中心的醫療團隊評估審核是否符合重粒子線的治療。因該療法侷限較多,有多處轉移、PS 2以上的狀況相對申請較不容易,這個部分還是要以該院的醫療團隊評估為準(此一部分將會產生費用)
  • 通過申請進行治療的流程呢?
    申請通過後,就可以開始準備在日住宿以及交通等規劃。第一次赴日的就診時,在該院還是需要接受再次的檢查,確認最新的狀況。確認完畢認定可以接受時,就會開始製作固定器具、訂定往後的醫療計畫好確認接受的時間,重離子治療中心人員也會告知各項注意事項。 治療將會在門診時進行,療程的長短會依照患部的不同而有所變化,每日一次,每周五次以內。一般而言,這段時間會在停留在日本進行治療,患者需接受醫師專業的診療,遵守治療計畫進行即可。如有任何不適的症狀產生,需立即反映溝通。
  • 治療結束後要注意什麼呢?
  • 是否除了九州重離子中心以外還有其他的選擇呢?
  • 送件審核前我該注意什麼事情?
    1.事前送件審核將會產生費用,一旦送件至該醫療機關進行審核將無法退費。 2.審核資料必須先寄送至醫療助手後,方可進行。 3.通過後即開始進行各項就醫行程,若不幸沒通過也無法退費,委託前還請注意。
  • What should I pay attention to when applying for treatment?
    First, you must submit medical records, physician introduction letters, and imaging records (CT, MRI, PET, etc., and submit the information as completely as possible). After receiving the information, the medical assistant compiles and translates it, and then submits it to the medical team of the heavy ion radiation center to evaluate whether it is suitable for heavy ion radiation treatment. Because this therapy has many limitations, it is relatively difficult to apply for conditions with multiple metastases and PS 2 or above. This part must be evaluated by the hospital’s medical team (this part will incur fees)
  • What is the process for applying for treatment?
    After the application is approved, you can start planning accommodation and transportation in Japan. When you go to Japan for the first time, you still need to undergo another examination at the hospital to confirm the latest situation. After the confirmation is completed and it is determined that it is acceptable, the fixation device will be made, the future medical plan will be set, and the time for confirmation of acceptance will be confirmed. The staff of the heavy ion therapy center will also inform you of various precautions. The treatment will be carried out during the outpatient visit. The length of the treatment will vary depending on the affected area, once a day and up to five times a week. Generally speaking, the treatment will be carried out during the stay in Japan. The patient needs to receive professional treatment from a doctor and follow the treatment plan. If any discomfort occurs, it must be reported immediately.
  • What should I pay attention to after treatment?
    After treatment, your physical condition will be assessed. The side effects will vary depending on the location and progression of the tumor. Generally, you can return to your home country one to two weeks after treatment to complete the treatment. After returning home, you will be advised of the medical institution where you can receive related examinations. The medical assistant is also the window for you to communicate with the heavy ion therapy center after returning to Taiwan, and the reporting agency for follow-up examinations.
  • Are there any other options besides QST Hospital?
    You have the most choices when it comes to medical assistants. There is not only one in Japan, but also medical assistants such as Gunma, Hyogo, Kyushu, etc. will provide you with the richest and most diverse choices and exclusive customized services. Among the medical assistant members, there are also those who have a special zone tourism consultant license (equivalent to Taiwan tour guide qualification), who can provide the most comprehensive assistance.

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