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Neoantigen Anticancer Vaccine Therapy

NEO Clinic Tokyo

◎ Treatment philosophy of NEO Clinic Tokyo

Cancer immunotherapy can be administered in conjunction with standard therapies such as chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, and will combineNext Generation Sequencerandartificial intelligence (AI)rightin tumor tissueGenetics are analyzed to identify appropriate medications for each patient and to manage them and suggest potentially effective therapies, such as disease prevention recommendations and what to follow after standard treatment. The hospital will coordinate and provide comprehensive medical services in all aspects, including cancer rehabilitation combining nutrition therapy and exercise therapy, to provide comprehensive support for cancer patients.

Next-generation sequencer: Cells with genetic mutations can be found in tumor tissues, which is also known as the cause of cancer. Using the next-generation sequencer, artificial intelligence (AI) is used to perform gene sequencing and analysis, and find gene mutations for targeted drug treatment. This method has been published and promoted in mainstream overseas academic journals.

Artificial intelligence (AI) makes treatment strategies: Accumulate the experience and knowledge of experts and provide treatment suggestions based on Peng Da's information and intelligence analysis capabilities. In addition to the genomic information of cancer, the image analysis capabilities of AI can also be used to find gene mutations in pathological tissues, and to find out the appropriate treatment methods with drugs.

◎ Precise immunotherapy

Neoantigen Anticancer Vaccine Therapy: Carry out gene sequencing detection for tumor tissue or blood, find out tumor antigens and synthesize several new antigens, tailor-made antigen vaccines for the tumor patients and administer them, and then induce anti-tumor immune responses. There are abundant clinical researches and trials in Kyushu University and Todai Institute of Medical Sciences Hospital. (Hijikaya Yasuki et al, Clinical Immunology. 2016 V Hijikata Yasuki et al, PLoS one. 2018)

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immunosuppressive therapy: Cancer patients have substances produced by cancer cells that suppress immunity and cannot have a normal immune response mechanism. Even treatments that can boost immunity will not work well, so anti-cancer vaccines are used in combination with a small amount of chemotherapy, antibody therapy, or targeted drugs that relieve immunosuppression. This combination is demonstrated by the doctors of the hospital in the clinical research of Ninth University and Dongda Medical Research Hospital, and has also been published in overseas academic journals.

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immune activation therapy: Drugs rich in cytokines activate the immune system and improve immunity through injection or oral administration.

◎ Precise immunotherapy process
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◎ Precise adjuvant therapy

Nutritional therapy: The nutritional metabolism of cancer cells and immune cells is related, and has a great relationship with cancer immunity and intestinal bacterial flora. The hospital has suggested nutritional supplements.

Exercise therapy: Studies have shown that muscle mass is positively related to cancer treatment. And long-term bed rest can cause low muscle endurance and stiffness. Special treatments and massages are offered here.

◎ Physician introduction
Daejeon Ted Physician​ 
Koji Hijikata physician​ 
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Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Tokyo


Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo

Get an MD


University of Tokyo Hospital

Assistant in human pathology and pathological diagnosis


Physician at Toranomon Hospital


The University of Tokyo Institute of Medical Sciences Affiliated Hospital

 Associate Professor of Department of Pathology

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The University of Tokyo Institute of Medical Sciences Affiliated Hospital

Chief of Palliative Medicine and Oncology


General Internal Medicine Specialist, Japanese Society of Internal Medicine

Japanese Academy of Internal Medicine trainee physician instructor

Japanese Cancer Treatment Certified Physician

Regenerative Medicine Certified Physician

Japan Medical Association Certified Doctor

Get cancer treatment on the front line and participate in the latest clinical research on cancer treatment. From the cultivation of immune cells to the administration of clinical research, he participates in the whole process from the beginning to the end. It is a rare oncologist with training and clinical experience.

◎ Clinic address

〒108-0071 6F, LB Building, 3-14-4 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo

  • 由東京大學醫科學研究所附屬醫院:緩和醫療・腫瘤科 土方康基科長進行癌症治療方案分析建議。 注意事項: 1.依照院方安排,看診時間會有所變動。...

    30 分鐘

    198,000 Japanese yen

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