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​ Hasumi Vaccine

Hasumi Immunology Clinic

Hasumi Vaccine

​ Anticipating the effect on all diseases from cancer prevention to treatment

Hasumi vaccine was researched by Dr. Kiichiro Hasumi, the predecessor of Dr. Hasami, and was developed based on the theory of cancer viruses. It was used clinically in 1948.

It is predicted that there is a specific antigen on the surface of the cancer cell membrane, and the extracted specific antigen is administered together with an immune adjuvant (immune activator), and the immune system in the body will regard the cancer cell as a foreign body and promote the elimination work.

Dr. Kiichiro Hasumi

​◎Advantages of Hasumi vaccine

  • Effective prevention of recurrence can effectively prevent recurrence after surgery, and the 5-year survival rate can be increased by 15-20%.

  • Less side effects Because it is a treatment that strengthens the innate "immune system", it is not invasive to the body like surgery, anticancer agents, and radiation therapy, and there are almost no side effects.

  • Synergistic effect with other treatments Since the "immune system" is strengthened, the body's overall resistance is improved, and a synergistic effect with other treatments can be expected.

  • Reducing the side effects of radiation and anticancer agents By improving the overall immunity of the body, it is possible to reduce the side effects of anticancer agents and radiation therapy.

  • Continue to receive treatment while working. Improving QOL (quality of life) makes daily life easier and more enjoyable by increasing appetite, improving fatigue, and relieving pain, and plays a role in maintaining the effects. Can receive treatment while working

  • Improving QOL (Quality of Life) makes daily life easier and more enjoyable by increasing appetite, improving fatigue, and relieving pain, and plays a role in maintaining the effects.

​◎Type of Hasumi vaccine

Antigens and adjuvants are selected from the categories of "antigens for cancer classification" and "adjuvants for activating immunity" according to the patient's condition and the state of cancer, and are used separately.

Types of Renmi vaccines.png
Vaccine type table.png

​◎How to use Hasumi vaccine

  • ​​ is administered by "subcutaneous injection".

  • The principle is to inject once every 5 days (interval 4 days).

  • Self-injection can be easily performed by premixing antigen and adjuvant "pen holder type".

​ Hasumi vaccine varies according to the patient’s disease name, treatment process and current state, so please bring the introduction letter and examination data (blood test, CT, MRI, PET- CT, etc.). If you do not have a letter of introduction, please bring documents with the name of the clinical diagnosis and the name of the pathological diagnosis (for example, documents explaining the surgery, etc.).


If the patient himself is unable to come to see a doctor due to illness or other reasons, the family members of the patient can see the doctor and prescribe Hasumi vaccine on their behalf.

In this case, please be sure to bring along with you not only the name of the diagnosed disease, but also information on the course of treatment and current status, as well as data on test results within 3 months (blood test, CT, MRI, PET-CT, etc.).

In addition, the clinic can also carry out ZOOM, LINE video calls and telephone remote diagnosis and treatment for patients who are inconvenient to come to the clinic.

​◎Introduction to Hasumi Immunization Clinic

Based on 70 years of immunotherapy research and clinical results

Looking to the future of cancer vaccine development

It has been about 70 years since "Hasami Vaccine", the pioneer of cancer vaccine, was first used clinically. During this period, the pattern of immunotherapy has also undergone tremendous changes.
In the 2000s science clarified that the immune system, which was thought to be ineffective against cancer, has the potential to destroy cancer.
It is currently positioned as the fourth treatment method after surgery, anticancer drugs, and radiation therapy, and it is being actively developed by national and public universities and research institutions in Japan and overseas.
In 1958, the establishment of the "Zhuguanghui Clinic" as a specialized facility for immunotherapy was far ahead of this trend. After that, it established a global research and clinical network including joint research with Maryland State University in the United States. More than 200,000 patients have been treated with the Hasumi vaccine.

​ "Hayami Immunology Clinic" focuses on Hasumi vaccine, HITV, preHITV and other immunotherapies unique to Pearl Society, hoping that patients can get rid of the pain of cancer and have high-quality every day.

​◎ Physician introduction

Chairman Kenichiro Hasumi
Surgery, tumor immunology expert physician.
Graduated from Saitama Medical University in 1978.
After working at the Institute of Medical Sciences at the University of Tokyo, he is currently the chairman of the medical corporation Jukokai and the director of the American corporation Hasumi International Research Foundation.
International activities that promote the enlightenment and research of cutting-edge cancer immunotherapy through the "International Cancer Vaccine Symposium" held around the world. Served as visiting professor at Thomas Jefferson University, honorary president of China Jilin Provincial Cancer Hospital, visiting professor at Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China.

​◎ Clinic equipment

​◎Clinic location

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