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2020/12/21 [Medical Assistant] Year-end public holiday 2020/12/28-2021/01/04, emergency contact numbers are still available


2020/06/012 [Medical Assistant] donated anti-epidemic materials to Daxionghui Hospital and Nansheng Association Hospital【News Link of Taipei Office in Osaka

2020/06/05 [Medical Assistant] donated anti-epidemic materials to Fukuoka University Hospital【West Japan News Link


2019/12/23 [Medical Assistant] Year-end public holiday 2019/12/28-2020/01/05, emergency contact numbers are still available

2019/11/27 [Medical Assistant]Anti-cancer information station LINE BOT Beta versiononline

2019/05/29 [Medical Assistant] Registration Support Organization 19 Registration​-000303

2018/11/30 [Medical Assistant] Year-end public holiday 2018/12/24-2019/01/07, emergency contact numbers are still available

2018/11/17  [Founder] accepted the invitation to give a lecture at the Fukuoka International Student Support Center (International Student のために初业セミナー)

2018/05/05 [Medical Assistant] China Contact Line opens +86-199-5710-6031

2018/03/05 【Medical assistant】Application for a travel service hand delivery business license, registration number Fukuoka Prefecture Kanshin No. 1053-35


​2018/02/20 Web page addeddropboxThe maximum space for uploading medical records is 1GB.

​2018/01/15 [Medical Assistant] Obtained a medical intermediary license from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, registration number B-66

2018/01/01 [Medical Assistant] Obtained a job introduction business license 40-ユ-300863

​2017/12/31 【Medical Assistant】Happy New Year everyone!

2017/10/20 [Medical Assistant] Added Ikeda Medical Management Consultant, registration number 7732

2017/10/05 【Medical Assistant】website revision

2017/10/01 [Medical Assistant] Tokyo Office opened


2017/04/03 Provide agency application for official certification of Japanese biotechnology.


2017/03/15 [Medical Assistant] Add whatsapp account: +818042763930, welcome to use it.


2017/03/01 [Medical Assistant] Added SSL certification to the official website, making e-commerce online settlement more secure.


2017/02/01 [Medical assistant] accepted an exclusive interview with Japan [ふくおか経済], published in the February 2017 issue.  


2017/01/10 Provide treatment assistance for application of proton therapy. <detail>

2017/01/04 Congratulations on the New Year, 【Medical Assistant】Wish you all the best in everything. <detail>

2016/12/01 【Medical Assistant】Signed business cooperation with Regenerative Future Medical Group. <detail>


2016/11/01 Accepted consultation services from medical institutions all over Japan.


Provided on 20/10/2016Japan medical visa businessAgent service starts.


2016/09/15 【Medical Assistant】The WeChat account is medicalsupporter, welcome to add it!


2016/09/01 【Medical assistant】Taiwan symposium: Japanese immunotherapy experience symposium. <detail>

2016/06/01 [Medical Assistant] LINE life circle account changed to  @medicalsupporter


2016/05/20 [Medical Assistant] He Compal GroupRuibao BiomedicalSign a business cooperation.


2016/05/01 【Medical assistant】Adjustment of charging standard<detail>


2016/04/25 【Medical Assistant】LINE@生活圈官方 account, welcome to add

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