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TGC Tokyo Cancer Clinic


◎About photoimmunotherapy

​Photoimmunotherapy is a new combination of direct irradiation of tumor sites and matching with immunotherapy.


The medicine injected into the body will react with near-infrared rays, destroy the cancer cell membrane and after the cancer cell membrane is destroyed, the immune cells near ​ will respond to the released antigen and record Its characteristic is to treat cancer cells that have not been irradiated as foreign bodies and attack them.​ Photoimmunotherapy does not harm normal cells, only cancer cells.

◎The main role of near-infrared rays

​Use near-infrared rays to irradiate, causing the antibodies adsorbed on cancer cells to produce a chemical reaction and destroy the cancer cell membrane. The so-called near-infrared rays are actually similar to the light used on TV remote controls, and unlike visible light, there is no harm to the human body even if it is directly irradiated.

ICG Liposome.jpg

◎ERP effect

​Normal blood vessel walls are formed in a fixed manner, and there will be no unevenness, but the formation of blood vessel walls in cancer patients will be irregular. Using the difference in the irregular formation of blood vessel walls, the effect obtained by using the drug delivery system is called the ERP effect. Through this effect, the drug can find and bind to cancer cells.

◎Treatment process

The day before the irradiation, a photosensitive composition is injected (it takes 1.5 hours), and 24 hours later, near-infrared rays are irradiated (it takes 1.5 hours).

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​◎Clinic introduction


TGC Tokyo Cancer Clinic

Every cancer patient is different in age and occupation, so choosing the right cancer treatment is also important.​It is therefore of the utmost importance for the patient to acquire relevant knowledge about the cancer and to understand the treatment modality proposed by the attending physician. Tokyo Cancer Clinic will customize different treatment methods according to the needs of patients.


​TGC Tokyo Cancer Clinic is exclusively represented by Medical Assistant.

​clinic address

〒103-0015 Tokyo

17-8 Nihonbashi Hakozakicho, Chuo-ku Nanazankyo Building 4F 

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