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​The best choice for health checkup in Japan


Sakura Cross Fukuoka Hospital belongs to Sakura Cross Group. In addition to Sakura Cross Fukuoka Hospital, the group also has Sakura Cross Hospital, Sakura Cross Nursing Home, Sakura Cross Yatsushiro Hospital, etc. Sakura Cross Group has established a series of high-standard aristocratic hospitals with elegant environment and meticulous service. The high-end physical examination center has advanced medical equipment. It has not only obtained mammography equipment certification, but also has full-time technical personnel to check, so that you can accept the examination with confidence. , can bring customers the best physical examination services.


​One-day basic health examination



One-day health check

Includes basic items, urine tests, heart, lungs, stomach, colon, abdomen, waist, brain, blood tests


feel at home

   Provide a comfortable and quiet environment, so that you can spend every minute comfortably even before waiting for the medical examination.



 professional doctor

    Experienced professional doctors conduct comprehensive physical examinations for customers, and there are also female doctors who perform breast examinations for female customersxUltrasound and mammographycheck.



Care and concern for customers, greet every guest with a smile and a cordial greeting.


health checkThe survey focuses on the principle that prevention is better than cure, discover hidden dangers in the body as soon as possible, and buy time for early treatment and prevention before they happen.


Precautions for health check

・Need to have enough sleep

・No food or water after 9:00 p.m. the night before the physical examination

・Do not eat breakfast on the day of the medical examination

・Those who are pregnant or may be pregnant cannot take a medical examination

・Avoid physical examination during menstrual period

・Women who are breastfeeding need to postpone or suspend a part, please inform in advance

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Physical examination program can be matched

Premium Shuttle

​Land First Class-Alphard

Star Hotels

​OKURA HOTEL​ (or equivalent)


Address: Chuu-ku, Fukuoka City, Watanabe Town 3-5-11-810-0004

Traffic Guide

take the bus

  • West Railway Bus"Watanabe Dori2chome"get off on foot2point


take the subway

  • Walk from Watanabe-dori Station on the Subway Nanakuma Line1point
  • On foot from Tenjin Station on the Subway Kuko Line10Min 

Remarks: The content of the physical examination is for reference only, and the content of the package provided by the hospital shall prevail.

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TW contact only: +886-90-5563-717

CN contact only: +86-199-5710-6031 

JP For emergency contact: +81-80-4276-3930


​JP Tel / Fax:  +81-92 -984-3200



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