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◎ Classification of immune cell therapy

Schematic diagram of new fusion dendritic cell vaccine

New CELL Dendritic Cell (New CELL Dendritic Cell) is produced jointly using dendritic cells and cancer antigens.


Schematic diagram of new fusion dendritic cell therapy (NEW CELL DENDRITIC CELL IMMUNOTHERAPY)

New Fusion Dendritic Cell Vaccine

  NEW CELL Dendritic  Cell



Because the vaccine production method of this institution has following two kinds:

1. For the fusion culture of autologous cancer cells and dendritic cells.

2. Take the patient's epidermal tissue and cancer cell samples, obtain surface antigen prompts and feed dendritic cells.

There are four ways to provide autologous tumors:

①Provide tissue samples stored in the hospital (only the required amount is removed, and the rest will be returned in the future)

②Make 10 unstained sections from the part with more tumors in the tissue sample in ①. (If it is found that the tumor tissue on the tissue sample is not enough for use, please provide assistance)

③ During inspection or surgery, the removed tumor tissue will be placed in a container containing culture medium and put into a specimen refrigerated in a refrigerator. (Please apply in advance, RISO Clinic will provide the container)

④Take ascites, pleural effusion and put them in a sterile container and put them in the refrigerator (please apply in advance and RISO Clinic will provide the container)

It should be noted that after the initial visit, the doctor can judge whether it can be obtained from other parts or whether the tumor cells need to be provided by the patient.

◎ Introduction to RISO Clinic and treatment

Located in the Tokyo Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, the hotel was established in 1890 and has been highly praised at home and abroad. It is the first choice for outstanding professionals in this hotel. The nearest station is Ginza Station on the Hibiya Line. Now there are many direct flights from Taiwan every day, which is very convenient in terms of transportation. RISO's reputation as a physician and its ability to produce new fusion dendritic cells have attracted many patients from overseas for treatment, so please be sure to make an appointment in advance.

The new cell dendritic cell vaccine used by RISO. According to the information provided by the hospital, they have two methods. One is to provide the tumor after surgery, and the other is to provide tumor slices for analysis by the hospital, and then obtain the tumor DNA & RNA information and then match it with the patient's epidermal tissue Perform antigen production. After completion, the dendritic cells are "fed" and injected back into the patient.

The new fusion dendritic cell vaccine uses dendritic cells (white blood cells account for 1% of the blood volume, 0.2% of which are dendritic cells), and blood needs to be drawn before each treatment for production and culture. In addition, due to the long time required for this treatment method, the first production time needs to wait for 4 to 6 weeks.

◎ Introduction of neocell dendritic cell vaccine

◎ Clinic address

〒100-0011 Tokyo

1-1-1 Imperial Hotel Tokyo Main Building 4F, Uchisaicho, Chiyoda-ku

◎ RISO Clinic introduction video

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