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Treatment process in Japan

01 online consultation


​ Initial consultation with medical consultants via LINE, WeChat, Emal or telephone,Submit a case, to confirm the intention to see a doctor.

02contract payment


Sign with the medical assistant who goes to Japanservice agreement,Transfer money to the designated account.

03translation case


Organize Chinese medical records and write Japanese referral medical records.

04Recommended Hospital

For you ​ provide information on overseas medical institutions, make appointments with doctors and cost estimates.

05Visa processing


​With the consent of the visiting medical institution, medical assistants can act asMedical Visa Guarantee Agency for Japan.

06Travel arrangements


​ Determining the date, pre-trip guidance, flight confirmation, accommodation arrangement, medical visa and customized travel itinerary.

07Going abroad for treatment


​Professional overseas medical consultants will accompany you throughout the process, and provide 24-hour emergency telephone contact support services.

08Follow up after returning home


​Regular telephone return visits to provide the latest information for free.

​Contact us


Tokyo office:


2-3-9 Hanagawado, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Tel: +81-50-6871-9906

Fukuoka office:


3-17-15-4F, Hakata Station South, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City

Tel: +81-92-984-3200


Tel: +886-090-5563-717


​Tel: +86-199-5710-6031


Line @: @medicalsupporter

Line & Skype & WeChat: medical supporter



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